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Vacheron Constantin
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rue de la paix 7,
1020 Renens,
This project takes inspiration from winter sceneries, specially subtle elements found during this season such as the traces on the snow and the light / shadow. Those elements remind us of the guillochage and enamelling technique of Vacheron Constantin respectively. Based around that idea we work with engraved lines in order to express the link between the traces in the snow and guillochage, whilst playing with subtle colour gradient to reveal the winter sunlight.

Regarding the materials, the pieces are made of thermoformed plastic sheets(due to the potantial of this material to create complex shapes), but also considering the possibility of using aluminium. We stand out the timepiece by using a white pure background which helps to convey the winter’s sensation and triggers people’s emotion.

collaboration with Vacheron Constantin,
project lead by Nicolas le Moigne

Légende, année
1/4 Trace of Winter, 2017
Légende, année
2/4 Trace of Winter, 2017
Légende, année
3/4 Trace of Winter, 2017
Légende, année
4/4 Trace of Winter, 2017