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Witt is a serie of glass objects, useful for bartenders in the process of cocktail making. This collection, produced by a craftsman glassblower with a specific technique, creates a perfect link between the gestures of the glassmaker when producing the pieces and those of the bartender when making drinks. It is composed of :

— The measure tool, used to add the right amount of alcohol to the drink. It fits the standard dose of 3 dl. The gesture is here, more than ever, similar to the one used by the glassblower. Furthermore, all the difficulty and innovation of this piece was to assemble two pieces of glass (one into the other) that are still moving, to create the initial function.

— The glass, that can be used as a long drink one, but is also made for shots when the glass is flipped around. It is completed with a straw.

— The smoker, used to aromatise cocktails by smoking aromatic herbs inside the glass. The smoke stays inside and gives its taste to the liquids when they get poured over it.

— The gradient, thought to create layers of colors in the cocktail, with the different liquids. Here again, two pieces of glass are combined one into the other. It allows the stick with the bubbles at its extremities to go up as the liquids are filling the glass and this creates the layers.

— The mixing tool, made to mix the liquids with crushed ice.

The different tools are designed to fit perfectly on the glass and can either all be used one after another or individually, depending on the needs.